Hi, I'm David Wu.

The most valuable thing I've learned over the years is that the world is chaotic; every single thing in this world is rooted in this - so much so that the name of this blog is Hack Chaos.

The idea behind the name is that by knowing that the world is chaos, we can "hack" it by proactively minimizing undesired chaos and crises in our lives, while learning to thrive when we inevitably confront it, or even voluntarily introduce it into our lives for our own benefit.

This is a personal blog, and while it was intended to serve as a software engineering blog, no profession lives in a vacuum. All experiences build upon each other and the same principles hold everywhere, including the most foundational one: learning to thrive in chaos.

I hope you find some of the content here valuable. If not, feel free to click away and save your time, but I'm letting you know now: if I wanted to waste your time or bore you, then these posts would not exist.